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Up Close. Hands On. Nowhere Else.

This ALL Access Vet Program Allows High School Students to Access What Only 3rd Year Veterinary Medicine Students Can Here in the U.S.

Aug 3 to Aug 17, 2019

The Big 3 Sought After Experiences for Future Veterinarians…

Gross Anatomy and Labs Up Close and Personal!

Work on and study live animals and cadavers.

Observe Surgery

View actual surgeries and discuss with the surgeon as it’s happening.

Shadow Veterinarians

As they treat, diagnose, and rehab small and large animals, including exotic animals!

As I was applying for Richmond University, I was asked to present one thing about me that would make me stand out as a student, I immediately knew that this was an opportunity to embrace the experience that I had received while interning with FutureVets. Being able to share this experience with my admissions counselor made for an outstanding interview which in return, I was granted acceptance within 24 hours and offered a scholarship! This once in a lifetime experience has proven to be beneficial in all areas of life and it has given me the confidence and inspiration that I need to be successful. Thanks to FutureVets, I know that I can accomplish anything in life and for that, I am truly grateful.

Faith Thompson - FutureVets Alumni
There is NO program like this in the U.S. It's impossible to find the words to describe every thought and feeling I experienced, you just have to do it yourself.

Mary Fitzell - FutureVets Alumni
I wasn’t sure what I wanted to specialize in before going on the FutureVets Internship. But now I know exactly what I want to specialize in, which is completely different from what I originally wanted to do!

Sarah Wallace - FutureVets Alumni

of students* who participated in FutureVets said they would absolutely recommend FutureVets to a friend or classmate

students* agreed that FutureVets has given them a unique competitive edge when it comes to getting into vet school

of students* also agreed they felt more confident that they have what it takes to get accepted into vet school after participating in FutureVets

*Students that participated in our post-experience survey
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