The National Leadership Academies Announce New Program for Future Veterinarians

BOSTON November 07, 2017

The National Leadership Academies announced that enrollment is open for a newly launched program, FutureVets All Access Veterinary Internship. The first FutureVets program will take students to Coronado, Costa Rica, for a hands-on veterinary internship program in the summer of 2018. Applications are currently being accepted.

The FutureVets All Access Veterinary Internship provides high school students with an opportunity to shadow veterinarians as they treat, diagnose and rehabilitate small and large animals; view surgeries and emergency medicine in action, and participate in rotations, clinical lab, research, anatomy, nutrition and pathology. Students will also be given the opportunity to experience a different culture and build long-term friendships with those students who share their dreams and passions.

“This is a chance for high school students to take an intensive, deep dive into veterinary medicine as pre-professionals,” said Richard Rossi, founder and executive director of the National Leadership Academies. “FutureVets is a great way for high school students to test their commitment to veterinary medicine and explore the different aspects of this career path.”

The National Leadership Academies was founded on the belief that a strong emotional intelligence is the cornerstone of student success and is committed to supporting students in their development. The National Leadership Academies also recognizes that prospective talent must be identified at the earliest possible age and help must be given to these students to acquire the necessary experience and skills to take them to the doorstep of vital careers as leaders and in the fields of medicine and the sciences.

The National Leadership Academies supports America’s high-achieving high school students through career and focus-area programs and services. By creating the National Academy of Future Physicians and Medical Scientists and the National Academy of Future Scientists and Technologists, the National Leadership Academies is positioned to support students with skills, motivation, education, mentorship, and unique experiences, so they stay on track to achieve their goals.

For more information and to apply for these internships, please visit To speak with the Admissions Office, call (888) 986-6563 or email Admissions(at)

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