Aug 3 to Aug 17, 2019

This ALL Access Vet Program Allows High School Students to Access What Only 3rd Year Veterinary Medicine Students Can Here in the U.S.

The “Big 3” are the most unique and sought after experiences an aspiring future veterinarian can have to prepare for a future in veterinary medicine. The “Big 3” are:

1. Touch 
Gross Anatomy and Labs Up Close and Personal!
Work on and study live animals and cadavers.

2. Look 
Observe Surgery
View actual surgeries and discuss with the surgeon as it’s happening.

3. Feel 
Shadow Veterinarians
As they treat, diagnose, and rehab small and large animals, including exotic animals!

These Big 3 unique experiences are what we call “The Real Deal”.

It’s not a simulation or a stuffy lecture in a classroom. It’s not a chat with a veterinarian or vet technician or even a bus ride to a research facility somewhere.

It’s real vet medicine: up-close, hands on, personal, as it happens.

It’s why most young people who are passionate about animals and animal welfare that also want to dedicate their lives to medicine become veterinarians.

For a veterinarian, practicing this kind of medicine can be stressful, exhausting, even heartbreaking… 

But ask any one of them, and they will tell you that it’s also incredibly inspiring, rewarding and challenging…


With No limits. No obstacles. No excuses… 

Are you ready to embark on an experience of a lifetime and walk in the shoes of your future self as a veterinarian?

Call us today to set up a call with an Alumni and discover if FutureVets 2019 is right for you!

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