Richard Rossi

Richard Rossi is the Founder and Executive Director of FutureVets. He is a co-founder of two of the world’s largest and most prestigious enrichment programs for high-achieving students.

One of these programs was designed to honor, inspire and motivate the nation’s most promising future physicians. More than 100,000 students graduated from this medical program and many serve in leading medical positions around the world. This program inspired the creation of a longer, more hands-on program reserved for passionate and dedicated students, that would give an undeniable competitive advantage and an unforgettable experience: FutureVets.

Mr. Rossi also serves on the Board of Directors of Pinnacle Care, a prominent private health advisory company in Baltimore, Maryland.

Bryony Moffitt

Bryony Moffitt serves as Program Director of FutureVets.

With more than 15 years experience in event planning and execution, Ms. Moffitt specializes in designing, creating, and delivering unique programs globally. She now dedicates herself full-time to traveling the world and cultivating relationships with high-ranking medical schools and colleges in order to create programs for high school and undergraduate students who are passionate about human and veterinary medicine.

In addition to her program-specific activities, Ms. Moffitt is charged with designing and implementing residential programs that house and oversee the wellbeing of students enrolled in all of The National Leadership Academies programs. Through which, she has seen more than 6,000 high school and undergraduate students through residential programs in six countries.

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